4x4 Locking Hubs and Conversion Kits

We offer a huge selection of 4×4 locking hubs and OEM auto hub conversion kits for Jeep, Toyota, GM, Dodge, Ford, IH, Kia, Land Rover, Suzuki, Geo Tracker, Nissan, Mazda 4WD vehicles that have 4×4 manual locking hubs or came from the factory with 4×4 automatic locking hubs.

Maintenance and/or repairing your 4×4 locking hubs is simple with a 4×4 locking hub service kit.

Spindle Nut Sockets make installing and/or repairing your 4×4 locking hubs easier.

Ron the Parts Guy has specialized in 4×4 locking hubs since 1996 and understands they can be confusing. Please contact us if you have questions about 4×4 locking hubs or converting your 4×4 vehicle from OEM automatic hubs to manual 4×4 locking hubs.

All 4X4 locking hubs and conversion kits are sold in pairs and come with instructions unless otherwise noted

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