Selling Truck/Jeep/SUV parts since 1996…

RonThePartsGuy History:
Way back in 1996 – I built (hand coded using NotePad on Windows 3.1) a website from scratch (no templates or WYSIWYG) and started selling Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 parts online.

I have owned several Land Cruisers over the years. Here are pictures of my current 1967 FJ40 Land Cruiser

I am a proud and long time member (#4140) of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) and a long time United States Forest Service Volunteer (USFS)

Toyota Land Cruiser Association logo

Ron the Parts Guy has been a long time AMSOIL dealer as well. We stock Heavy Duty diesel oil and Chevy Duramax filters.

ron the parts guy and vic edelbrock

Fast forward 2+ decades and I have built/edited/managed numerous websites for companies such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Car Toys, Just Differentials, ProActive Gears and many more.

Ron the Parts Guy is also known as Ron the Web Guy

Ron the Web Guy
Ron the Web Guy aka Ron the Parts Guy