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Chevy Iron Cross Bumpers

iron cross duramax winch bumper

Wanting to sell or trade my used 2005 Chevy 2500HD Iron Cross aftermarket heavy duty front and rear bumpers so I can get nice factory/stock front and rear bumpers

I added these kick ass Iron Cross bumpers to my Duramax a few years ago and loved them all this time. Now I want to go back to the stock look.

I am selling/trading these bumpers:
Heavy Duty Front Bumper details: 2003-2006 Silverado 2500/3500 Base Front Winch Bumper in Gloss Black
Heavy Duty Rear Bumper details: 2003-2006 CHEVY Silverado 1500/ SIERRA 2500/3500 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper in Gloss Black

– My front Iron Cross bumper has the winch provision but the winch is not included. 
– The pics shown are from a while ago and my Iron Cross bumpers have surface rust. No damage… but they need sanded and painted to look pretty again.

Trade = Your (good condition) factory bumpers + $500 cash. Your factory bumpers need to be of Duramax origin.

Cash price/no stock bumper trade = $1750obo

No shipping. I have a shop in the Cle Elum area where we can meet and swap bumpers if needed?